Cym Warkov creates timeless ceramic vessels that are imbued with qualities of both that of an archaeological find and a sensual modernity. Her process can be best described as an organic collaboration between herself and the materials involved in making each piece. That ongoing conversation between imagination/construction, artist/elements is fully immersed in the concept that there is elegance in simplicity and beauty in imperfection. Art and alchemy are in constant play as she extracts the most essential and harmonious aspects. Stillness and movement is equally reflected in each hand-made vessel. They are textured, sculptural forms born out of an intuitive authenticity. 


~Most pieces on my site are sold by my stockist only, and are not available on my site. Any item with a $0 price denotes a “stockist only” item. *Please free to email me if you need help finding a store.

~Design professionals can contact me directly for trade pricing.

~All special orders require a 50% deposit with final payment prior to shipping. *Please email to place a special order.

~ Lead time is usually 6-8 weeks.

~Prices do not include shipping charges.

~All sales are very much appreciated, and final.